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Haute Dish Has Closed

The North Loop Restaurant shuttered yesterday.

Inside Haute Dish. Photo by Joy Summers
Inside Haute Dish. Photo by Joy Summers

It’s the end of the fancy-hotdish era as Haute Dish, the revolutionary comfort food restaurant in the North Loop, has closed its doors. The restaurant opened in 2010 by chef Landon Schoenfeld. Schoenefeld stepped away from the restaurant some time last year before announcing he was leaving the city and his restaurant interests behind at the end of 2016.

The last remaining original partner behind the restaurant, David Walter, carried on. It continued serving its signature dishes: classic comfort foods with creative twists like the General Tso’s sweetbreads and kielbasa in a can.

Haute Dish was probably best known for its legendary take on hotdish. Despite not growing up with the dish, Schoenefled created an elevated version of the humble tater-tot hotdish that won rave reviews.

Haute hotdish
Joy Summers

“Our closing isn't an inherently sad thing,” Walters told the Star Tribune. “To say goodbye to something you have worked for for seven years is tough, but the future looks good."


119 Washington Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (612) 338-8484

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