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A Tiny Japanese Whisky Bar Opens This Weekend

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And more food news for the week.

The bar above Kado no Mise
Joy Summers

First chef Shigeyuki Furukawa and his team opened Kado No Mise, a gorgeous, sleek sushi restaurant on the ground floor of the former Origami location in the North Loop. Then, he opened Minneapolis’ first kaiseki restaurant above, an exclusive dining experience where guests experience a tasting menu for $150 per person. Now, the third and final piece of this gorgeously constructed puzzle is about to open with a small, dark whisky bar, set with glittering bottles of brown booze shining like jewels over the obsidian-hued space. There are less than twenty seats seats to enjoy the rare bottles that aren’t easily found in the United States. If all continues to go well, it should be open this weekend.

—Stillwater has a speakeasy. The picturesque Minnesota town with an abundance of waterside views and antique shops continues to up its restaurant industry game. The Velveteen Speakeasy can be found with this map, somewhere “in the nethers” of the event center. On the menu are classic cocktails and a few intriguing originals, including a buttered popcorn-infused whiskey flip. It’s open Wednesday through Saturday 5 to 1:00 a.m. and Sunday 5 to midnight.

Jerk bowl from Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

TCF Stadium is following the lead of the other bank-named stadium in town and upping its food game just in time for football season. Four local eateries have partnered with Aarmark, who run the U of M Stadium’s food program, including Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, Jax Cafe, Ike’s and Cakes and Curds (guess what they serve.)

Kaiseki Furukawa

33 North 1st Avenue, , MN 55401 (612) 338-1515 Visit Website