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There’s a Rolled Ice Cream Frenzy Happening Right Now

More opportunities for the frozen treat of the moment in the Twin Cities

A new twist on an old fashioined root beer float
Sota Hot & Cold / Instagram

Rolled ice cream is all the rage all of a sudden in the Twin Cities. First Wonders Ice Cream Co. opened at 298 University Avenue in St. Paul, drawing plenty of lines and smiling faces. Then Sota Hot & Cold opened on August 19 at 394 University Avenue West. Plus, one of the busiest new fair vendors is serving rolled ice cream at Rainbow Ice Cream on the first level of the Grandstand at the State Fair.

But, St. Paul doesn’t get all the fun, now LouLou Sweet & Savory plans to open a shop at 2839 S Emerson Avenue in Uptown, plus this is already an adorable pink trailer popping up around town. Track this crew down at the September 2 Rock n Roll Farmers Market at Flashlight Vinyl Records in Northeast Minneapolis.

Loulou’s Sweet and Savory / Facebook

Rolled ice cream is the new most entertaining way to eat ice cream where the flavored cream base is poured onto a frozen griddle, a variety of mix-ins are added and then it’s spread back and forth over the smooth surface until the ice cream is frozen and then rolled up and placed into a cup. More toppings then might be added before serving.

Our signature: Campfire Cooler. It'll make you want s'more.

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It’s a mesmerizing new trend to watch.