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Cook St. Paul Owner Driving to Houston to Feed First Responders

Eddie Wu heard that a home cooked meal would help

Cook St. Paul’s owner will join relief efforts
Cook St. Paul / Facebook

When Eddie Wu, owner of the Eastside’s Cook St. Paul diner saw a friend and former marine buddy on television carrying a girl to safety from the floodwaters in Houston. Immediately, he reached out and asked, “What can I do to help?” It seems that rescuers would most appreciate a home cooked meal. With that in mind, Wu is packing up and heading South to help, but he could use a little help himself.

Wu put out the call for help in transporting supplies and food as he departs tomorrow, Friday the 1st of September to feed anyone who could use a meal and some moral support.

The diner owner is a former marine who took over the Payne Avenue restaurant which opened in April of 2014 has become known for it’s American breakfast classics mixed with Korean dishes and a wildly popular pop up dinner series.

A good friend of mine, that I served in the Marines with, is a firefighter captain in Houston(he is the one helping the...

Posted by Cook St Paul on Thursday, August 31, 2017

He’s not the only one heading to Houston to aid in recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey pounded the city and came back again to dump more water on its residents. Internationally renowned chef Jose Andreas is also recruiting chefs in hunger relief efforts.

Because of this absence, tomorrow’s standing Friday night Korean dinner at Cook St. Paul has been canceled and might be gone for all of September.


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