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State Reps Back Club Jager Employees for Unemployment Benefits

Continued fallout from the club owners support of David Duke

Ex-employees get a boost from lawmakers
Clubhouse Jager

After City Pages first reported that North Loop nightclub Club Jager’s owner once contributed to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s ill-fated run for office, the fallout was swift. According to reports, some employees quit immediately, while others held on due to the belief that quitting meant that they would be ineligible for unemployment benefits.

It soon became apparent that Club Jager could no longer operate and the business shuttered. Industry groups reached out to the employees with job opportunities and a Go Fund Me site raised $1960.

Monday a letter from Minnesota State Representatives was delivered to the Department of Employment and Economic Development by St. Paul Representative Tim Mahoney and Minneapolis Representative Jim Davnie backing the ex-employees and requesting they be available for unemployment benefits.

According to state law, if an employee can demonstrate a “good reason” for leaving a job, unemployment benefits can still be offered. Per City Pages that “good reason” must be:

1) that is directly related to the employment and for which the employer is responsible;

2) that is adverse to the worker; and

3) that would compel an average, reasonable worker to quit and become unemployed rather than remaining in the employment." Learn more about filing for unemployment here.

Clubhouse Jager

923 Washington Ave N., Minneapolis, MN