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John Moe and the St. Clair Broiler Engage In Most Minnesotan Twitter War Ever

The tweet equivalent of “It’s not my favorite.”

Area writer dares declare old diner just wasn’t that good.
John Moe / Twitter

The host of the podcast The Hilarious World of Depression waded into the murky waters of internet trolling by daring to declare that the soon-to-shutter St. Clair Broiler wasn’t actually all that great of a restaurant. Like any good Minnesotan would, he did add a caveat to his social media feed by declaring in full blasphemous fashion that the 61 year old restaurant was actually not that great and upon further inspection, kind of expensive.

The St. Clair Broiler, home of one of the greatest neon signs in St. Paul will serve its final meal on Saturday September 30 after serving Highland area diners for generations.

As for being over priced, the restaurant’s breakfast menu tops out at $13.95 for a steak and eggs.

The aging eatery wasn’t taking that kind of back talk laying down and soon fired back that Moe was basically a big, fat meanie. It then threw down the gauntlet, inviting Moe to try tacking a turn behind the burners of the grill to see how much work goes into this restaurant.

Moe wasn’t about to let that go. With the vehemence of a grumpy old man hiding a fish in the back of a buddy’s pick up truck he returned fire, criticizing the restaurant’s criticism.

When the St. Clair Broiler responded in all seriousness, “It's less than a challenge than it is an offer. It would be fun. We actually don't disagree with you. It just made me sad to read it.”

Where the food’s only offense was it’s dogged determination to be inoffensive

Ouch, Broiler, might need some aloe on that burn you just gave yourself.

Moe called the whole thing off in neighborly fashion by wishing them all well.

It would appear that there will be no Moe burger at the Broiler before the end.

This is just about as Minnesota mean as you can get. Hopefully, this Twitter war can end without any further bloodshed.