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Terzo Taps Limited Edition Indeed Barrel Blend Beer This Week

The limited edition beer will be available Wednesday

Terzo Barrel Blend is worth geeking out about
Terry Horstman/Eater Twin Cities

Two titans in the Twin Cities food and beverage scene have teamed for an exciting new beer. Indeed Brewing Company and Terzo Restaurant & Wine Bar of Broders’ Restaurants in Southwest Minneapolis have paired together to bring the latest edition of Indeed’s Wooden Soul Series into the world.

Per Indeed: Wooden Soul is Indeed Brewing’s exclusive series of sour, wild, and barrel-aged beer. Wooden barrels + living beer = Wooden Soul.

The collaboration has fittingly been dubbed the “Terzo Barrel Blend” and will be tapped at Terzo on Wednesday, January 24 at 5:00 p.m.

“It must have been late summer that Pat Henry, my rep from Indeed, contacted me and said Indeed was looking to do a collab sour with only a couple of restaurants in the city and Terzo was a spot that came up right away,” says Kyle O’Hara, the man in charge of buying beer for Terzo. “He asked if it might be something we would like to do and I didn’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity.”

A timeline was born over the following months and the staffs of both businesses spent a lot of time brainstorming on what kind of sour it would be. Wooden Soul’s mission is to change the way beer is viewed in regards to food pairing. Each Wooden Soul beer goes through it’s own lengthy, barrel-aged process that creates more nuanced flavors from traditional ales and makes each brew a one of a kind and once in a lifetime opportunity for the palate.

“All the beers coming out of this series have aged for months if not years, if not two years,” Indeed’s marketing and communications manager Kelly Moritz says. “So when you get that final product, it really is a rare experience.”

The rare experience available to Terzo patrons starting Wednesday, that also likely won’t last very long (FYI), sounds truly delicious and offers numerous possibilities for food pairing.

Per the press release from Indeed Brewing: The blend was selected back in November, when several Terzo staff members joined Wooden Soul head brewer Adam Theis in the barrel room for a tasting. The group tasted ales from multiple barrels and took notes on the individual characteristics of each one. The result, Terzo Barrel Blend, is a hand-selected and well-balanced blend that pours a slightly hazy red with flashes of brown and orange.

Brewer Theis describes the beer as vinous and wine-like, boasting notes of tart red cherry and raisin, along with aromas of sour cherry and dried fruit. The blend was created from four barrels that had been aging for roughly one year.

“I think sour beers are some of the only true pair-able beers out there,” Charlie Broder
Terry Horstman/Eater Twin Cities

. Don’t get me wrong, I love beer, and IPA’s to stouts to Saison, all have their place, but food needs acid,” Broders’ Restaurants owner Charlie Broder said. “I think the Terzo barrel in particular has a lot of complexity and substance to stand up to heartier dishes, the roasted young chicken with foie gras sauce would be great with this beer.”

Even if you’re not hungry, the beer itself is great enough to stand by itself and will be well worth your trip to 50th Street and Peen Ave no matter where you’re coming from.

“What we did was take a blend of mature and young beers and blended them together, this is very common in Lambic and Flanders sours, and the end result is a beautiful beer that I can’t wait for people to try,” O’Hara says. “The great thing about Indeed is that they have an immense barrel selection, each imparting it’s own unique character into the beer.”

The important thing to note there is the influence each individual barrel has on the beer aging in it. Once this barrel is gone, it’s gone forever. You won’t want to risk missing out on this formidable collaboration. So if you can, get to Terzo on Wednesday night.

Note: The Terzo Barrel Blend will not be available at Broders’ Past Bar or Broders’ Cucina Italiana. A small amount will be tapped at Indeed Brewing’s taproom in Northeast Minneapolis.


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