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Ike’s Debuts Outrageous Super Bowl Prices and Minneapolis Is Not Having Any of It

The restaurant claims costs were for super-sized portions

$36 guacamole cheeses off food fans
Ike’s Restaurant/Facebook

Super Bowl LII has arrived in Minneapolis and the antics are reaching a fever pitch. Zip-lining over the Mississippi River is happening, Nicollet Mall has been transformed into an “experience” complete with a box of Prince’s shoes and downtown restaurants are ready to rake in the big bucks. Event pricing is nothing new, but the inflated prices at downtown’s Ike’s Restaurant at 50 South 6th Street have given people pause since the Minneapolis Business Journal shared a menu listing guacamole for $36.

That wasn’t the only shocking price. New Orleans shrimp, usually served on the dinner menu for $14, jumps to $56 for the Super Bowl prices. Grilled beef skewers are $72. Ike’s Tweeted that the menu price of guacamole was a misprint and people will be charged the usual $12 for that appetizer.

Ike’s has not responded directly to a request for comment. The Facebook page was down all morning, but now is back to functioning with the promise that regular menus (and presumably regular prices) have returned to the 6th Street location and seems to claim that the higher prices were for larger portions.

No need to worry, the standard Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Menus are available at Ike's Minneapolis with our regular prices...

Posted by Ike's Food & Cocktails on Sunday, January 28, 2018

“No need to worry, the standard Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Menus are available at Ike’s Minneapolis with our regular prices in addition to the Super Bowl Special Menu which has larger super-sized options.”

Snaps back on Facebook commenter, “Unless that guacamole was three times the size of the regular one they are full of s***.”

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