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After Uproar Over Price Hikes, Restaurant Extends An Avocado Branch

Ike’s tries to make nice after $36 guacamole debacle

Restaurant dubs the debacle “Guac-gate”
Ike’s Restaurant/Facebook

The only thing raising the ire of Minnesotans more than vulgar Eagles fans is the thought of a restaurant charging $36 for some smushed up avocado and chips. Downtown Minneapolis’ Ike’s Restaurant was the subject of some major Internet shaming after a photo of its Super Bowl menu leaked online and the city reacted to the huge price hikes. Normally, an order of guacamole in the burger-centric restaurant costs $12.

After frugal menu watchdogs stormed the web shaming the restaurant, Ike’s temporarily took its Facebook page down. The page is now back to functioning and the restaurant’s general manager addressed concerns with a pun-laden statement titled “Let’s Guac About It.” In part saying, “Here are the cold hard Guac facts: I, the General Manager, came in Saturday night ready for the madness of this special week. When I saw the “Special Guac & Chips” walk past me to be served at 7:14 pm, my jaw dropped. Where was the whimsy, the sense of fun, above all where was the damn Guac?! I immediately huddled my team together to rectify the situation: quickly and fairly to our restaurant full of guests. It became clear there was a miscommunication on the portion sizing, so, I immediately dropped the price. I apologize to anyone who received the incorrectly priced Guac, I do believe we have reimbursed the few affected.”

Stuck Between a Guac and a Hard Place Listen up people, let’s Guac about this… Super Bowl season has been a blessing...

Posted by Ike's Food & Cocktails on Monday, January 29, 2018

The Super Bowl menu continues to boast expensive options, with presumably large portions, but the regular menus, along with the regular prices have been reinstated.

The statement also addresses why Facebook comments were being deleted and the page temporarily dismantled, “We briefly took down our Facebook page due to the cyber-bullying that catapulted this human mishap into personal attacks.”

In a gesture to make nice, the restaurant is offering a “personal-sized” guacamole to any guest who mentions “Guac Gate” through February 4.

Posted by Ike's Food & Cocktails on Monday, January 29, 2018