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Iconic Roast Beef Sandwich Shop Closes

Maverick’s last day is Tuesday January 9

A roast beef sandwich with skinny fries and a malt
Last call for meat

Open since 1999, Maverick’s Roast Beef has been roasting and thin slicing rosey-colored meat onto buns daily for lines of dedicated fans. Today the family-owned restaurant announced that Tuesday January 9 would be its last day of business. Offering no further explanation, the announcement simply said, “We are very grateful to our loyal customers who has supported us over the years and we hope to see you one last time.”

The restaurant was first opened by brothers Brett and Bart Hazlett who gave the room a 1950’s cowboy theme and a name cribbed from James Garner’s famous card hustling charmer, Maverick. Tragically, in 2011 Bart was killed in a car accident with two of his children.

The staff carried on, serving roast beef served on white buns and tender pulled brisket on rye buns baked at St. Paul’s St. Agnes Bakery. The sandwiches often won rave reviews as being what Arby’s wishes it was: delicious, affordable meaty dishes. Along with the sandwiches, there are fries, shakes and a huge condiment bar.

Regretfully, after many years, Maverick's will be closing its doors on Tuesday, January 9th 2018. We are very grateful...

Posted by Maverick's on Monday, January 8, 2018

Mavericks will be open from 11 am to 8 pm tomorrow, January 9 and then close forever.