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Steakhouse in Minneapolis’ Historic Jewel of a Location Has Picked a Chef

Wyatt Evans of Heirloom is P.S. Steak’s chef de cuisine

Wyatt Evans, formerly of Heirloom, steps into the 510 Groveland kitchen
Cast Iron Communications / P.S. Steak

Eyes have been trained on the ground floor of the historic 510 Groveland building as construction has been humming along at P.S. Steak. The modern steakhouse will open in the elegant condo building by Jester Concepts. Culinary director Mike DeCamp has picked Wyatt Evans as his chef de cuisine.

Evans was the chef/owner of Heirloom, a beloved farmhouse-styled spot in St. Paul’s Merriam Park that closed July 31. It was just around then that DeCamp and Jester announced plans for P.S. Steak and the timing proved fortuitous.

“I really like working with him. We found we agree on a lot of things,” said DeCamp. Evans dedication to seasonality-driven menu was particularly important. DeCamp oversees all of the restaurants for the group, including Borough, Monello, and the Parlours, but walking back into this address holds some high stakes for the chef. It was here, back when the restaurant was La Belle Vie that DeCamp rose through the ranks from young chef to highly respected culinary force in Minneapolis.

“It was good timing,” said Evans. It was shortly after he closed his restaurant that he reached out to DeCamp. The two knew each other more through reputation.

DeCamp will write the opening menu, which will include steaks, game birds, and vegetables served a la carte. “I want people to pick what they want to eat, instead of me telling them,” DeCamp said.

The layout will remain the same with a more casual lounge to the right of the lobby and a more formal dining room.

P.S. Steak

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