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Author of Indian Cookbooks Is Opening a Pizza Restaurant in Eden Prairie

Tandoor-fired, ghee-brushed pizza is coming

The author of 660 Curries is opening a pizza restaurant
Rahavan Iyer [WEB]

Pizza Karma, a restaurant from author Raghavan Iyer, will open soon at 8451 Joiner Way in Eden Prairie. Iyer is a Minneapolis-based six-time cookbook author by way of Mumbai. The pizzas will be cooked in a tandoor oven, crusts brushed with clarified butter imported from India, where it’s made with water buffalo milk.

Iyer told the Star Tribune the venture “is about the global nature of pizza.” Prior to this, Iyer created the menu for OM Restaurant in 2009 as well as dabbled in Cafe Mocha and Cafe Kebabi in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Visitors can expect a handful of affordable pizzas topped with shrimp roasted in lentils, chicken marinated in Greek yogurt alongside a few salad and appetizer options. Guest can also make their own pizzas, but don’t expect dessert—”I figure that it’s all about pizza” Iyer told the Strib.

In keeping with the name, Iyer tells the Eden Prairie News that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.