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St. Paul Teenager Launches Her Own Brownie Business

What began in a front yard is culminating in a store front come January

A Yumyum Brownie build-your-own-cup
Yumyum Brownie/Instagram

When she was 15 years old, Jerilyn Sheppheard started a brownie stand in her Frogtown front yard. Today, Sheppheard is 17 and has transformed her topping-smothered brownies into a business that’s slated to open a store front space this January, according to Sheppheard’s Facebook. Yumyum Brownies will be located on the corner of Victoria Street and University Avenue in St. Paul. Supporters can donate to a fundraiser that’s set to launch later this month to support the venture.

“Yumyum brownie shop will not only be a brownie shop but a place for our community,” Sheppheard said on Facebook, adding that it’s for kids, adults, and seniors alike. As CityPages reported, Sheppheard has accomplished the feat on her own, save for some tasting help from her older sister and her grandmother’s enthusiasm.

In addition to attending college and managing a small cadre of employees, she continues to add to her offerings in the form of cake jars and homemade ices cream with thoughts of cookies in the future.

For those who can’t wait until January, get in touch with Yumyum on Facebook or Instagram—they cater.