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Historic Rice Street Restaurant Predicts Closure Due to Rising Gun Violence

Tin Cup’s owner plans to move the business to Vandnais Heights

A neighborhood fixture since 1946 could be leaving the area
Tin Cup’s/Facebook

Open since 1946 at 1220 Rice Street in Saint Paul’s North Side, Tin Cup’s future is uncertain as owner Gidget Bailey says neighborhood gun violence is forcing her to move the business. At 12:45 am Friday more than 30 shots were fired in the parking lot with one bullet whizzing past Bailey’s 27 year-old son’s head. That was her final straw in what she says has been mounting violence.

Bailey has purchased and is renovating the Old Clover Inn in Vandais Heights. She plans to move the Tin Cup’s business over there.

Bailey took over ownership of the bar/restaurant in 2011, after previous owners revived the Rice Street institution that had closed briefly in 2009. She is furious with the city, St. Paul City Council President Amy Brendmoen, and Mayor Melvin Carter for not doing more to stem the violence in the area. The city notes that violence is down city-wide and threw in a dig about the business having a history of issues, telling the Star Tribune, “We wish Ms. Bailey well and stand ready to work with her to address Tin Cup’s many challenges, which far predate Mayor Carter’s time in office.”

Meanwhile, Tin Cup’s Facebook page is filled with pictures of kids in Halloween costumes from a recent event, plus a petition requesting a police station in the area, and other community boosting events.

For now, Tin Cup’s closing time has moved up to 10pm from 1am. There is no exact date planned for Tin Cup’s final day.

Tin Cup's

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