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Cursed Uptown Location Gets Another Restaurant to Ruin

Piggy Bank arrives Friday, along with a Basic B!tch burger

Is this what Uptown really wants?
Kaskaid Hospitality [Official]

The latest restaurant to take a stab at the cursed location still known as the Old Chicago space on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown will be called Piggy Bank. The building at 2841 Hennepin Avenue has housed: Old Chicago, BoneYard, Salsa A La Salsa, Game gay sports bar, and most recently, Lotus. Throughout all of the failed restaurants, Kaskaid Hospitality, who operate the Crave chain of restaurants, has maintained the lease on the building. This is the company that also operated the Southern-ish eatery, BoneYard.

The company, which also owns and operates Union, REV Ultra Lounge, Muse Event Center, Burger Burger, BLVD, Cowboy Jacks at the Mall of America , and Union Depot Bar & Grill, is throwing just about every possible restaurant idea into this room in the hopes that something will stick. There will be fried things. There will be vegan things. There will be pizza. All can be ordered in various manners from a walk up counter, dine-in seating, or even in a lounge space stocked with games. On the weekend, to pull in the party kids, there will even be “a system where users can select the music of their choice,” that sounds suspiciously like a jukebox.

The menu leans into the hilarity of sexism as a tasty snack with the “Basic B!tch” burger and a “Do the Hot Chick” fried chicken sandwich. In addition to the new vegan standard of buffalo-style fried cauliflower there’s also a huge selection of Impossible burgers for non-meat eaters.

Piggy Bank opens Friday December 14 for lunch, dinner and late nights.

Piggy Bank

2841 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 455-6688