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Brace for the Sexy Chef 2019 Calendar Outtakes

Travail’s annual mischief-making video has been released

Chef and one of Travail’s owners, Bob Gerken masters smeyezing.
Travis Anderson Photography/Travail

Ever since the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, Travail has teamed with photographer Travis Anderson to create 12 months of hilarity with the oiled up chef collective posing in imaginative ways. Often, the calendar also includes other area chefs. Past participants have included Gavin Kaysen in a Jamiroquai hat, Alex Roberts in jean shorts and Doug Flicker in... actually, not sure what exactly Flicker is wearing in this shot. This year, Steven Brown appears as Santa in underpants, posing for a recreation of the famous Mall Santa Boot to the Face scene in A Christmas Story. That, along with shots of chefs pillow-fighting, babies working construction and an homage to Glow are the sneak peaks afforded in the video Travail released today. The 2019 Sexy Chefs Calendar is $12 and on sale wherever you can find Travailians and online.

Like the original year of the calendar creation, Travail is again on the move and working to build a new home for the restaurant. Pig Ate My Pizza is relocating from the original Travail location in downtown Robbinsdale to the newer Travail location, while Travail is constructing its 3.0 address.

Travail Kitchen and Amusements

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