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Restaurant Inside Northeast’s Food Building Is Closing

Draft Horse is shutting down after three years

Irreconcilable differences inside the Food Building
Draft Horse/Facebook

Draft Horse, the restaurant inside Northeast’s food building will close after three years on December 30. In a Facebook post the announcement was made saying that the Food Building is shifting its focus and intends to begin catering. Draft Horse sees the move as putting the two businesses in one address at odd. “There was no clear path for both The Draft Horse and FOOD BUILDING to prosper.”

The restaurant first opened in the dark red building in December of 2015 along with the Food Building’s other tenants, Lone Grazer Creamery and Red Table Meats. Lone Grazer closed in 2017.

Reviews were mixed during the early days of Draft Horse with the Pioneer Press loving the cozy pot pies, the Star Tribune was a big fan of the “locavore” burger, while Minnesota Monthly critics dragged on a pervasive blandness. However The Draft Horse found its way into the hearts and stomachs of many in the area.

A year ago the business was struggling and asking for and ultimately receiving help from the surrounding neighborhood.