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Minnesota’s First Cat Cafe Opens This Friday

The Cafe Meow has cats and coffee ready to go

Off the charts cuteness coming soon for $10 per hour
The Cafe Meow/Web

The highly anticipated merging of feline and caffeine lovers is about to open up in Uptown as The Cafe Meow readies to make its debut this Friday February 16. All the rescue cats have been acclimated to the new space and the restaurant side of the room is stocked and ready to serve at 2323 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

The idea for the cafe from owners Danielle Rasmussen and Jessica Burge first took root in 2014, after fundraising, securing a location and working with the city to sort out the hows of a cafe operating with resident cats would work, the long road to opening has nearly reached its destination.

The room is split into two separated by a wall spaces. One, where the food will be prepared and served, another for lounging alongside several rescue cats. To spend time in the cat lounge will require a $10 payment and it’s suggested that reservations be made.

On the coffee shop side, there are coffee and espresso drinks using Bootstrap coffee, teas and several treats for snacking. Inside the cat playroom are several kitties that are ready for lounging, snuggling and adoption. A page on The Cafe Meow’s website shows their pictures, and lists personalities along with adoption fees.

Meet Rain: a hurricane Harvey survivor and champion snuggler
The Cafe Meow/Website

All the cats come from area rescues, Pet Project Rescue, Ruff Start Rescue, No Kitten Left Behind and Minnesota Animal Rescue and are available for adoption, usually at a $150 fee that includes all the vet checks, care and microchipping.

A grand opening event kicks off at 9 am Friday and after that The Cafe Meow will be open Tuesday through Thursday 11 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 9pm and Sundays 10am to 6pm. The kitties and the humans get a day off on Mondays.

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