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Royal Foundry Craft Spirits Will Distill Old English Style

North’s new distillery has ambitious plans

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There’s probably gin in there
The Royal Foundry Craft Spirits/Website

The Twin Cities is set for another addition to its already vibrant craft cocktail scene with the soon-to-be-open Royal Foundry Craft Spirits.

The Facebook page promises, “A new distillery that will infuse the Minneapolis craft cocktail scene with British flavour.” The distillery will be located in what it’s calling Minneapolis’ West Market District at 241 Fremont Avenue North. The spirits will be English-style, which most certainly means a London-style dry gin and dubious spelling of words like favourite and shoppe.

Royal Foundry massive cocktail room and distillery will be housed in a 15,000 square foot facility, including a 2,500 square foot barrel room that will be rented out as an event space. The facility will be stocked with the best of equipment that reflects the British cocktail making traditions of the old world.

Twin Cities cocktail enthusiasts don’t need to wait until the opening to get involved. Royal Foundry’s campaign page is packed with information and perks for any potential customers to get in on the ground floor and the incentives are aplenty. Any contribution of $100 or more between now and February 28 guarantees one entry into a raffle for free drinks for life.

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