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City’s First Axe Throwing Bar Is Opening in Northeast, Because Of Course It Is

The alcohol and axe craze lands in Minneapolis’ brewery district

Here’s hoping the axe is bad, not the throwing
Bad Axe Throwing/Website

Read enough headlines these days and it’s enough to make a person want to throw something sharp or have a beer. Ontario-based Bad Axe Throwing will kill both of those birds with one flung blade with the company’s 17th location opening at 2505 Kennedy St. NE, Suite A on March 10.

Think of this like a dart league on steroids. Patrons can hang out at several lanes, each set up with two targets, get a primer on proper throwing techniques and then hurl death devices with all the pent up rage of a cubicle-kept work week gone awry.

The location is in an industrial part of Northeast, a stone’s throw from breweries and just down the street from Norseman Distillery and the even more useful Eversharp Knives. The facility hopes to play host to large groups and caters to parties.

For now, would-be axe throwers are invited to bring beer and wine, but Bad Axe is hopping to secure a liquor license to sell on site. There will be no hard alcohol, however, because that would be just crazy.