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Which Celebrity Ate Best in the Bold North?

Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Pink - even Joe Biden dined here over the weekend

Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show
Catching up after a flood of famous people hung out in our hood
Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The Super Bowl hangover is here and it is real. For one glorious week Minneapolis was a midwestern La La Land where celebrities cruised local Target aisles, dined in chain restaurants, haunted red carpets and tries to understand why their nose hairs were knitted together with frost.

Some stuck to hotel meals or maybe had underlings pick up take-out (Beyonce) while others took in the finest of dining our cities have to offer. Here are the winners that obviously possess the best taste.

JT: The Man of the Woods/Guy Who Made the Prince Reference In the Middle of the Game

Justin Timberlake was in early and ate out often, hitting Manny’s Steakhouse, Meritage and Octofish Bar. He just announced he’ll be bring the sexy back in September when he will play the Xcel. We suggest he hits Saint Dinette this time, how anyone can resist that burger is a mystery.

One of these guys made a lobster thermidor and another one ate it
Cast Iron Communications/Meritage

Pharrell: Singer of Happy / Sporter of Awesome Headwear

He probably would have liked to take his hat to that vintage Arby’s with the vintage blinky light sign that looks like his favorite chapeaux, but sadly it closed forever last week. Instead he took a tip from Justin (we’re on a first name basis now) and dipped in at Meritage for some of Russell Klein’s classic French fare.

Word has it Colicchio and Zim went straight from the barber to dinner at Spoon & Stable
Gavin Kaysen/Twitter

Tom Colicchio: Mega Chef / Host of Bravo’s Top Chef

The famous chef hung out at pal Andrew Zimmern’s Lucky Cricket party in Uptown, where Asian street food was passed around. He also stopped in at Restaurant Alma to catch up with Alex Roberts and enjoyed dinner with buddy AZ at Gavin Kaysen’s Spoon & Stable.

Alex and Margo Roberts of Alma with Joe Biden at their restaurant/hotel/cafe
Restaurant Alma/Twitter

Joe Biden: Former Vice President/Giver of the Memes

Biden dropped into Restaurant Alma where James Beard winning chef and owner Alex Roberts posed for a picture with Big Joe. The Promise Me, Dad author also stopped by Gavin Kaysen’s Spoon and Stable for brunch. No word on if he got the crepe cake, but we know the man is no fool and had to have enjoyed some of Diane Yang’s famous pastries.

Fallon mistook this city for Minneapolis

Jimmy Fallon: Host of the Tonight Show / Former SNL Sprite with the Hair

He tried his first hotdish thanks to a home cooked meal at a family’s home in Champlain, but only after he came down on the side of the 5*8 in the ongoing war of the Juicy Lucy. He also swung by the iconic Mickey’s Diner in downtown St. Paul where he was greeted by the brand of gruff humor the long-time servers who are utterly unflappable. According to the Current, Mary greeted Jimmy by saying, “You’re uglier in person than you are on TV.”

Pink wasn’t feeling so hot, but still rocked her time in the Twin Cities
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pink: Singer of the National Anthem/Super Bendy Super Mom

The Beautiful Trauma artist was suffering mightily during her time here thanks to the real life hazards of parenting and the germs those adorable little munchkins tend to spread. Therefore Pink was only spotted dining out once, at McCormick’s, an Irish Pub and neighborhood hang out in Wayzata.

She’s not that short, he’s just really tall
Cat Cora/Twitter

Cat Cora: The First Female Iron Chef/All Around Charming Personality

The TV star and chef took a moment out of making Buffalo cauliflower for NFL events and rocking the red carpet at the Rolling Stone party to dine at Tim McKee’s Lowertown seafood restaurant. She noted her meal was incredible and name checked McKee in a Tweet. He’s kind of a big deal.

Adam Richman rocks the mic with the Spazmatics
Andrew Zimmern/Twitter

Adam Richman: Former Man vs. Food / Travel Channel Buddy of AZ’s

Another chef who was seen cruising through Andrew Zimmern’s Lucky Cricket party, the television host of Secret Eats found his way to Revival for some of their singular fried chicken.

No crock pots were harmed in the writing of this post
ET Online/NBC

The Cast of This is Us: The People We Can Depend on Weekly For a Good Cry/ #Jack4Ever

Somewhere between the crockpot catching fire (and then blowing up social media), but before The Thing Which Won’t Be Spoiled, the cast including Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore stopped by Bellecour, Gavin Kaysen’s French restaurant in Wayzata.

Never look back, Steven.
You Tube

Steven Tyler probably drove his Kia over to Gianni’s in Wayzata.

Winner: Justin Timberlake, honorary Minnesotan

The obvious winner here is the Super Bowl’s Halftime star Justin Timberlake who also added three Angel Food Bakery birthday cakes to his party at Paisley Park showing the man knows how to take advantage of a great food town.


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