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Daily Dim Sum Now Served on University Avenue

Tapestry Restaurant in the former Mai Village will fill dim sum void

Seven days a week
Tapestry Restaurant/Instagram

Dim Sum, the a la cart style of Chinese dining, usually featuring rolling carts of small bites has never been easy to find in the Twin Cities. Tapestry Restaurant, the eatery in the grandiose room that once housed Mai Village will alter the dearth of dim sum with a selection available seven days a week. The new Asian restaurant at 394 West University Avenue in St. Paul will have two dim sum services daily and be making those irresistible dumplings in house. Service will run from 10 am to 3 pm and again 4 pm to 8 pm, according to the Pioneer Press.

Tapestry first opened in early December as a venture which the CEO Bao Vang described as, blending together many cultures in one community. The Little Mekong district in the Frogtown neighborhood where the restaurant is located is home to many Hmong, Southeast Asians as well as immigrants and refugees. The restaurant plan is to serve those people as well as greater St. Paul. That means in addition to the dim sum dishes like fried rice, chow fun and papaya salad.

Dim Sum 7 days a week has finally come to St. Paul! #tapestryrestaurant

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