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Northgate Brewing Abruptly Shutters

Brewery shutters due to “unforeseen circumstances”

Northgate Brewing Company
Northgate Brewing Company/Facebook

Northeast Minneapolis’s Northgate Brewing has officially closed its doors due to “unforeseen circumstances,” the company tweeted earlier this morning.

Northgate’s place in the Twin Cities beer scene dates back to 2013 when it served the first pint at Grumpy’s NE. The location at 738 Harding St NE opened in October of 2014.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances Northgate Brewing is closed, effective immediately,” the company’s tweet reads. “We want to thank all of our customers, supporters, partners, family, and friends for the last five years. So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

This closure comes as a bit of a shock for the local beer community. NorthGate was a participant in the recent Winter Beer Dabbler at the State Fairgrounds on February 24.

Northgate specialized in session beers and British style ales like their Wall’s End English Brown Ale and the ever fitting Get Together session IPA – “passive ABV, aggressive hop flavor, an IPA made for Minnesota.

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