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Charges Filed in Brasa Employee’s Hit and Run Death

Son and mother suspects denied involvement in the accident

Jose Hernandez Solano was struck while biking home from work
Brasa St. Paul / Facebook

Ramsey County officials have filed charges against in connection with a car versus bicycle accident that resulted in the death of Brasa employee Jose Hernandez Solano against Dustin Joel Hegner Royce, 28, and Abbey Rose Hegner, 47.

On the night of November 26 Solano was riding his bike home along Grand Avenue after his shift at the St. Paul restaurant Brasa. Solano, who was wearing a helmet outfitted with a headlamp was struck while legally crossing an intersection. A vehicle ran a red light and then proceeded to leave the scene. On December 7 Solano died after family removed him from life support.

In mid December Hegner and Royce were arrested on suspicion of being involved, but subsequently released.

According to a KSTP report, Dustin Joel Hegner Royce, faces two counts of criminal vehicular homicide, was allegedly driving the vehicle. While Abbey Rose Hegner, his mother, faces two counts of aiding an offender.

Abbey Rose Hegner and Dustin Joel Hegner Royce
Ramsey County

The police released a statement saying that surveillance video led them to the suspects.

Hernandez Solano’s body was returned to Mexico for a family burial.