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Pan-Asian Wine Bar Is About to Close

Saturday is the last day for Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis

The neighborhood spot will say goodbye this week
Eater file photo

Yesterday Kings Wine Bar, the neighborhood restaurant at 4555 Grand Avenue South announced that they have sold the business and will shutter on March 24. Michael and Nu Zosel purchased the existing business in October 2014 and began expanding the restaurant’s offerings beyond typical wine bar fare and adding pan-Asian dishes. They took over the business from the original owners Molly Duffin and Samantha Loesch, who opened Kings in 2009.

Eater last checked in with the bar in March of 2016 when Honolulu-born and Las Vegas trained chef Warren Serta was working in the small kitchen and trying out different dishes like a dim sum menu.

The new owners will continue to operate a restaurant at this address, but as an entirely new business, with a different name and cuisine.