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Harry Potter-style Castle in Downtown Minneapolis Should Become a Restaurant

All it will take is a willing owner with deep pockets

A nice four-top could go right there
Berg Larsen Group/Property Listing

Driving around near Grumpy’s and the Loft Literary Center, it’s easy to stumble onto the most unique residence in all of Minneapolis. In the shadow of the US Bank Stadium sits a castle. From the outside it makes no sense that such a thing should exist in the newly developing part of town. There are turrets, wrought iron gates and a fairytale setting of a courtyard. The house is the former home of restauranteur and musician Jeff Arundel and it’s back on the market after a brewery pulled out of purchasing the property.

Arundel owns Aster Cafe and the just-shuttered Tuggs, which is in the process of being turned into the Hideaway, both on St. Anthony Main. He tells the Star Tribune that if he was smart, he would turn the property into another restaurant and says he misses the recording studio.

The 4,500-square-foot castle is on the market for $2.995 million and is currently zoned as residential. But, with the brewery project, it seems the city is open to exploring other uses for the space.

Inside is a mix of gothic materials, twisted together with jewel-toned accents. The three bedrooms, three baths, home with the Hagrid-sized fireplace that is probably a portal straight to the Ministry of Magic would undoubtedly make the coolest restaurant space in the Twin Cities just as long as it’s a Muggle-friendly menu.