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Surly’s Upstairs Pizzeria Opens Friday

New Haven style pizzas are served upstairs at the Minneapolis mega brewery soon

A flour-covered chef presents a blistered crust with cheese and toppings
Pizza and beer seems like a no brainer

Surly’s behemoth brewery will launch it’s next restaurant this Friday with New Haven-style, dirty Neapolitan pizzas upstairs from its already buzzing taproom called fittingly enough, Surly Pizza Upstairs. The new restaurant takes the place of the more formal Brewer’s Table that closed last year.

Chef Ben Peine has been following a New Haven, CT style pizza, that’s a charred, chewy dough where cheese counts as a topping, not a gimme. The menu has all the pizzas named after movies and TV shows with famous pizza scenes, name dopping Breaking Bad as well as Mystic Pizza. The menu also offers some non-pizza snacks like oysters, meatballs and salads.

Surly Pizza Upstairs will have counter ordering and won’t allow tips. A 7% fee will be added to all bills instead.

The restaurant opens Friday at 4 pm until 11 pm. Surly Pizza Upstairs will be open for lunch and dinner on the weekends and dinner only during the week.

Surly Brewing Company

520 Malcom Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414