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Burgers and Self-Serve Beer Are Taking Over Old Kings Wine Bar

June will see the opening of Tap Society in South Minneapolis

That’s a $4 burger
Tap Society/Facebook

Tap Society began has a burger pop up at Cafe Vin and now will take up permanent residence at 4555 Grand Avenue South, the former home of Kings Wine Bar. The pop ups have featured affordable burgers on the weekends at Cavé Vin, a tradition that will continue through the end of April.

The new restaurant will use the Pour My Beer technology and use computer kiosks for ordering, according to the Business Journal. People can just scan a credit card and then swipe a beer card to pour beers. This style of business means the restaurant operates on light staff, about 20 people working there total.

Prices are affordable, with burgers starting at just $4.25 and half a basket of fries for $3.95.

The building is undergoing remodeling now, and Tap Society expects to be open in June.

Gone is the wine, in with the beer
Tap Society/Facebook

Tap Society

4555 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN