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Longfellow’s Bungalow Club Opened Yesterday and Critics Are Already Weighing In

Pastas, old fashioneds and a chocolate tart

Inside the just-opened The Bungalow Club
The Bungalow Club/Facebook

A new Italian restaurant has opened at 4300 East Lake Street with Andrew Kraft in the kitchen. Kraft was the longtime chef at Grand Cafe (before the business was sold to Jamie Malone) Also involved with The Bungalow Club are Kraft’s brother-in-law Jeremiah Dittmann and former Grand Cafe colleague Sam Rosen.

Food is a mix of pastas and salads along with a full bar.

On opening night Rick Nelson, critic for the Star Tribune and local food blog The Heavy Table, both stopped and shared their initial thoughts via social media.

Heavy Table had an Old Fashioned that had a, “a sweetly citrus-forward thing going on,” with a whiskey kick and a charcuterie plate that invoked the name of Mike Phillips. Phillips was the first chef at Craftsman and a man known for major skills in the art of preserved meats. He went on to open the now revered Red Table Meats. The dish was proclaimed, “a tremendous smorgasbord.”

Meanwhile, Nelson reported that the pastas were terrific, a gem salad was lively and the dark chocolate tart hit-the-spot.

He also said a diner at a nearby table was flossing. What is wrong with people?

Dental oddities aside, it’s an auspicious beginning. The Bungalow Club is open at 4 p.m. for dinner Tuesday through Friday with the addition of a weekend brunch service.