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Forged in Crisis, An Unlikely Partnership Is Building a Vegan Restaurant

After meeting in the fallout of a Black Lives Matter protest, they decided to embark on a business

Louis Hunter, Sarah and Dan Woodcock of Trio

After Louis Hunter’s world was turned upside down as a result of charges he received while protesting police violence as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. The charges were later dropped, but the entire experience crossed his path with those of Sarah and Dan Woodcock. The three now looking to start a vegan restaurant on the other side of the river, reports the Star Tribune.

While the two felony charges against Hunter were eventually dropped, the truck he used for his landscaping business was confiscated and was evicted from his St. Louis Park apartment in the process. Sarah and Dan Woodcock, who rallied behind him as he fought and was ultimately vindicated from the charges brought against him forged a new friendship that ultimately led them to decide to go into business together.

Trio food from a recent pop up

Hunter and the Woodcocks are raising money to start a vegan restaurant called Trio in Minneapolis. As of publication, the project had reached $42,780 of its $50,000 goal.