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New Grand Avenue Pub Slings Porketta, Pasties, and Hamm’s

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A tour of the new Iron Ranger

Facing the Iron Ranger’s front window is a cutting board loaded with nachos next to a pint of beer
Poketta nachos by the window
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

With a bar hewn in Hibblng and a picture of Bob Dylan by the back, Iron Ranger is now open for business at 1085 Grand Avenue with a heavy dose of Hibbing pride. The new bar is the work of Tom Forti, who put the entire restaurant together with the help of just a few friends.

Forti grew up, and played a little high school hockey, in the Iron Range city. This new restaurant gives several nods to his hometown with a few mining supplies hung from the wall, a framed photo of his grandfather, and a tin replicate of the Minnesota State Flag. It lends the fresh room a light touch of nostalgia.

There is seating along a bar, stocked with local beer and Hamm’s, and a seating area in the back. Behind the restaurant is a coveted parking lot and an area that will soon be converted into a patio.

The window faces a bustling stretch of Grand Avenue
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

On the menu are dishes that Rangers would expect: porketta, pizza, and pasties. Minnesota porketta is a dry spice rubbing pork shoulder, cooked long and slow. The meat can be found in sandwich, pizza and nacho form. Pasties are a pie crust wrapped around slow-braised beef, potatoes, onions and rutabaga. It’s a dish that was popular among taconite miners because it was an easy lunch to take down to work.

Walking inside the slim, cozy spot
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

There are also pizzas, salads and for dessert, a poticia coffeecake straight from Hibbing’s Sunrise Bakery, which Forti’s cousin’s own. There’s a little Ranger section with snacks for kids.

Hamm’s, Castle Danger and Bad Weather on tap
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

The Iron Ranger is open from lunch through dinner.

Extra seats and the obligatory cool wallpaper
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
A proper Range pasty served with choice of ketchup or gravy
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
Straight from the town that gave the world Bob Dylan
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

Iron Ranger

1085 Grand Avenue, , MN 55105 (651) 487-1913 Visit Website