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Filipino Restaurant Apoy to Replace Vicinity Coffee on Nicollet

Goodbye caffeine, hello lechón

Lumpia is similar to an eggroll
Dining on a Dime/Eater

The building at 4301 Nicollet Ave that has previously held two coffeehouses—most recently, Vicinity—is slated to become a full-service restaurant called Apoy. The spot will be cooking up Filipino food, a diverse cuisine that’s meat-heavy and also features noodles. (Those who have had pork adobo have had Filipino food.)

After signing the lease in April, Apoy will soon be serving up traditional Filipino grub with appetizers landing in the $8-$12 range and entrees costing something like $14-$18, reports the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. The new joint will be joining the busy streets near Revival and The Lowbrow when it opens its patio-clad space late next month. The restaurant is named for the “Fire” in Tagalog, the main dialect of the Philippines.

Apoy’s three owners—Shawn Nafstad, Curt Rademacher, and Sherwin Resurreccion—are planning a small remodel of the kitchen and have set out to “compliment the evolving palette in the south Minneapolis area.” Rademacher and Resurreccion have collaborated before at Seven Steakhouse Sushi and Rooftop in 2013 and today both operate separate food trucks.

Just don’t confuse Apoy with Pinoy Fusion, the Filipino-focused University Avenue food truck. They’re separate ventures, folks.