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The Countdown Is On for the Most Anticipated Bagel/Date Night Restaurant in the History of Minneapolis

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Meyvn readies to unleash an obscene amount bagels in first week

Look for the Meyvn sign to light up in just a couple of weeks

Meyvn, the new bagel by day/raw bar and Middle Eastern fine dining by night restaurant on Bryant and Lake Street is plotting an early July opening. Tim Niver, Laurel Elm and chef Adam Eaton are the powerhouse ownership team behind the most ambitious deli opening Uptown has ever seen.

The restaurant is the Yiddish spelling of Maven and will be counter service.

Training is happening now. Soon, the restaurant will open for limited hours for a couple of days to test out the working parts. Here’s how it will all work:

Adam Eaton loving looks over the new bagel machine


People enter from the door at the corner of Lake Street and Bryant Avenue South. Hand held menus will be available. Walk to the right and straight back towards the giant oven to order at a counter. Side step with a number and orders will be prepared and called out when ready.

When it’s busy, there will be a host available to help out.

Fired up and ready to go
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn


The giant oven is named for a famous diva, covered in a mermaid shimmering kind of tile work and already burning.

Bagels are formed by a hypnotic machine, boiled in 40 gallons worth of water, lined up on a long plank and loaded into the oven to get that good, crispy blistering.

Planks are pulled out and dumped into baskets.

Test batch
Laurel Elm/Meyvn


In the beginning, 6 varieties of bagels will be available: gluten-free (made off-site), plain, cinnamon and turbinado sugar, garlic and onion, poppyseed and everything.

When things are humming along, Meyvn has the capacity to make about 20,000 bagels in one week.

At lunch there will be a selection of classic deli sandwiches like corned beef and pastrami with huge sour pickles and Zapp’s potato chips.

Mucci's Uptown

901 West Lake Street, , MN 55408 (612) 315-4608