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Acclaimed Sushi Chef Is Opening Inside Gaviidae Common

Billy Tserenbat brings Bibuta food truck up to the skyway this fall

Ready for a sushi breakfast burrito?

The Bibuta food truck will open its first year round location some time this fall on the skyway level of Gaviidae Commons in downtown Minneapolis. The truck is owned by Billy Tserenbat, who also owned and operated the wildly popular Sushi Fix truck. That business moved into a storefront in Wayzata and Tserenbat sold the restaurant to a group of investors.

Bibuta first hit the streets in 2016, serving sushi burritos and poke bowls. The new location, where the clothing store St. Croix was recently located, will serve breakfast and lunch. Whether downtown Minneapolis office workers are ready for an early poke pick-me-up remains to be seen.

Construction will begin soon and Tserenbat is hopeful for a fall opening. Even after opening, expect to see the truck with the flying pig roaming the streets. The chef plans to continue to operate it curb level next season.

Another food truck migrates to the skyway

Tserenbat also owns and operates Wayzata’s Baja Haus, a lively Mexican restaurant on Wayzata’s main drag.