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The Bagels Everyone Has Been Obsessing Over Are Finally Here

Meyvn opens all day today

Pastrami style lox on a woodfire cooked bagel
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn

The time has finally arrived for wood-fired, Montreal-style bagels at 901 West Lake Street in Minneapolis. Meyvn opened this morning. The restaurant is serving bagels, deli sandwiches, raw oysters and other explorations on Jewish cuisine from 7 am to 10 pm tonight. Chef Adam Eaton, an Eater Young Guns semifinalist is leading the kitchen while prolific restauranteur Tim Niver and hospitality maven Laurel Elm oversee the operations.

The ambitious plans include not only mastering the art of a proper bagel (seeing as there are like two other restaurants that serve decent ones in all of the city), but also exploring Jewish cuisine through the lens of fine dining in a restaurant that is mainly counter service.

There’s also a full bar with crazy sounding cocktails that take full advantage of the wood-burning oven. Things like roasted sesame seeds made into a stand-in for orgeat and an Old Fashioned that’s garnished with a Bit o’ Honey.

Wine also walks the line of upper eschelon bottles for celebrated to a 40 of rosé.

Meyvn opens at 7 am (every day except the 4th) until 10 or 11pm.

Meyvn is right on the corner of West Lake Street and Bryant Avenue
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn
Tim Niver and Adam Eaton
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn
Meyvn can turn out hundreds of bagels in a matter of hours
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn
It’s not just bagels, there’s also shakshuka with pita bread
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn
It’s not just bagels, at lunch Meyvn switches to deli classic sandwiches with sour pickles and Zapp’s chips
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn
Wood for Liza, the oven
The Restaurant Project/Meyvn

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