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Beer Brought Back From Extinction Will Bring New Life to the Strip Club

The storied restaurant space will be revived as a brewpub

This dormant restaurant space has a new tenant
Google Maps/Streetview

Yoerg Brewing, an exhaustively researched revival of a pre-prohibition St. Paul beer was brought back to life by Carol Minogue and Thomas Keim in 2013. Now, the beer will bring 378 Maria Avenue back to life in St. Paul. The former Strip Club Meat & Fish, which closed almost exactly one year ago, will be reborn as a brewpub some time this fall.

With the onsite beer production, Yoerg will be able to sell crowlers, but not packaged beer. Those will continue to be produced out of Octopi Brewing in Wisconsin, as they have already been.

In addition to beers like a smoked Rauchbier and a hoppy rye lager, Roggenbier, there will be food and some wine available. Food will be of the “old world” variety, with no further details available on menu plans.

Yoerg Brewing had been planning to open in an old bar on the West Side of St. Paul, but the renovations needed proved to be too much to tackle. The recently running restaurant space is more suited to plans. Expect a light remodel of the room and exterior.

Target opening date is September 1.