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Publisher Recalls Cookbook That Suggests Eating Potentially Toxic Wild Foods

“The Forager’s Kitchen” has come under fire for concerns about potentially harmful ingredients

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Instagram star Johnna Holmgren’s book has been recalled
Fox Meets Bear/Twitter

A book written by Minnesota blogger Johnna Holmgren of Fox Meets Bear has been recalled by its publisher Rodale Books. “Tales from a Forager’s Kitchen: The Ultimate Field Guide to Evoke Curiosity and Wonderment with More Than 80 Recipes and Foraging Tips,” still available on Amazon, includes recipes for eating raw morel mushrooms and a smoothie that has raw elderberries, both are toxic if left uncooked.

Holmgren lives with her husband, a chalk artist, and two children in rural Washington County. Through her Instagram and blog Holgram has chronicled an idealized country existence including giving birth in the woods, foraging, and offers classes on herbalism.

Shortly after publication, Amazon reviewers began pointing out the concerns of eating raw morels, elderberries and acorns - none of which will necessarily kill a person, but will leave them quite ill. According to a Buzzfeed article, Holmgren said her book was for, “Adventurous eaters.”

Author with the book in question
Fox Meets Bear/Twitter

A statement released Friday from Rodale Books says, “Rodale Books and our author Johnna Holmgren take very seriously the concerns expressed by readers regarding the preparation and cooking of recipes with raw ingredients (mushrooms and elderberries) that are contained in her recently published ‘Tales From A Forager’s Kitchen.’ In light of our review of these concerns, and because of our dedication to wellness, Rodale Books and Johnna Holmgren have decided to discontinue the publication and promotion of the book.

“We are encouraging retailers to return their stock, and we are offering a full refund to consumers who have purchased the book. Consumers should email for more information. We are all committed to publishing books that offer reliable and comprehensive guidance about their subjects and we regret the inconvenience to our booksellers and readers.”