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Suburban Mall Is Installing a Food Hall

Rosedale’s Revolution Food Hall will have all new restaurants, no chains and shuffleboard

The new food hall will be located in a corner of the mall with easy access from inside and outside the shopping center
Rosedale Mall/Facebook

Rosedale’s new food collective won’t be the typical mall food court, but instead it will be a food hall. The new dining area, Revolution Hall will take the place if its long-dormant Border’s Bookstore and eschews the usual fast food stands for higher-caliber eating with 13 different stands put together by New York City-based Craveable Hospitality Group.

Shoppers can order at the stands, via an app, or at kiosks located throughout the mall. Food from all the stands will be available at one desk to streamline pick up. The entire hall will not accept cash for payment, another plan to keep things moving quickly.

Revolution Hall will occupy 32,000 square feet on two floors, connected by escalator and elevator. First floor vendors will include Steel Tree Coffee, sporting the titular 50 foot tree at the mall entrance, PieCaken Bakeshop (presumably making some combination of the two), Caputo Pizza, Field Greens with salads and smoothies, a general store and flower shop, Angry Taco & Tequila Bar, Honeycomb Waffles serving chicken and waffles and hand-sized sandwich seller Handwich.

The second floor will be a bit more upscale with Oceantail Sushi and Sake Bar, Barrel Bar serving plenty of bourbon drinks, Saltbrick with dry-aged beef burgers, and Canal Street Noodle Co. with ramen and pho.

There will be plenty of spots to perch with couches, stools, counters and activity areas for games that sounds a bit like a retirement home rec center: billards, shuffleboard and table games.

Revolution Hall joins several other food halls around the metro area expecting to open in late 2018 and 2019. Keg and Case, The Dayton’s Project, and Malcom Yards Market are all on the slate to open within the next 12 months.