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Game Changing Brewery Chef Leaves Minneapolis for a Wisconsin Distillery

Jorge Guzman Joins La Crosse Distilling Co.

A black and white image of Guzman in an apron, arms crossed in front of him, smiling as he looks off to the side
From beer to something a little stronger, Jorge Guzman heads to Wisconsin
The Restaurant Project/Jorge Guzman

The La Crosse Distilling Co. has hired Jorge Guzman, a finalist for the James Beard Best Chef Midwest in 2017, as executive chef and partner for the under construction Wisconsin distillery.

Slated to open at 129 Vine Street in the coming weeks, the venture is the city’s first distillery and will feature a tasting room serving Guzman’s style of Mexican street foods using ingredients from the abundant farms in the Driftless region. The 10,000 sq. ft., two-story distillery will be open for lunch and dinner and will offer free tours of the expansive space as well.

Anxious drinkers can head over to the distillery’s website and join their free fan club for the chance to win the first bottle the distillery produces.