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Catch All the Deep Fried Glory of the First Day of the Fair

The scene at yesterdays kick-off for the Minnesota State Fair

All the food and fun of the first day
Rebecca Slater/Eater Twin Cities

At 6 am fair fans were already lining up in anticipation of the opening day of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair. The first person in the door had been waiting since 11pm the night before. What followed was a sun-filled day filled with all the excitement of the Grandstand, vendors hawking insane foods, baked goods on display, weird seed art, plenty of livestock and all that glorious people watching.

All the familiar fun is back: the midway rides, the Freddy Kruger breakdancing outside the haunted house, the rapid-fire sales pitches inside the Grandstand - even that MyPillow guy was on site.

Eater braved the crowds on a perfectly sunny 70 degree kick-off to the fair to capture all the sites, scenes and ridiculous foods.

First rides, first sites, first lost flip flops
Nailed it
Utter sweetness
The unsettling Cow/Beetle lovechild overlord surveys the crowd at the Kemp’s Booth
The new peek-a-boo window at Sweet Martha’s
There’s nothing like that first chocolate chip cookie
Gotta get the roast corn
Giant slide is as promised
Tot Boss
Can’t wait to see how they get these on the bus

Rebecca Slater/Eater Twin Cities
This girl eating the turkey leg has won our hearts and admiration
Just about as wholesome as you can get
Adorable overload
Rebecca Slater/Eater Twin Cities
Even on the clock, the fair is still a blast

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

1265 Snelling Ave N, Falcon Heights, MN 55108 (651) 288-4400 Visit Website