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Touring Northeast’s New Pioneer in Mexican Fine Dining Restaurant

Feasting on the beauty of Popol Vuh

The oven is positively medival
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

The high-brow/low-brow mixture of Mexican cuisine is now complete at 1414 Quincy Street Northeast as Popol Vuh is now open and serving dinner. The restaurant from chef Jose Alacron and Jami Olson is the fancier, wood-fired complement to last month’s newcomer taco shop Centro. Both restaurants are located inside a former adhesives factory in a warehouse-heavy part of northeast and kitty-corner from Indeed Brewing.

Where Centro is lively with powerful pops of color, Popol Vuh is mellow with muted colors and dark, industrial elements. Inside the kitchen, chef Alacron masters fire cooking with inventive touches for refined versions of ceviche, jiacama salad and carne asada. While the names might be familiar, there’s no other restaurant in Minneapolis serving this cuisine this way.

A kitchen line filled with ticket orders
Order tickets lined up
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

Popol Vuh is closed Mondays, open Tuesday through Sunday at 5 pm.

The dining room inside is set with light wood tables and chairs with emerald tiles framing the kitchen in the background
There are about 40 seats available inside Popol Vuh
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
Sunlight and a view of Indeed Brewing and the Solar Arts building
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
Masters of the bar
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
Owner Jami Olson greets a table
Grilling corn for an off-the-cob sort of elotes dish
Kevin Kramer
The charred corn esquites
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
A bowl of creamy corn soup garnished with flowers and popcorn
Edible flower and nasturtium garnished appetizer
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities
Imaginative cocktails are a big part of the menu at Popol Vuh
Popol Vuh [Official]
All the drinks are $13
Crudo in a huitlacoche sauce
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities


1414 Quincy Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413