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After Five Years and 20,000 Lbs of Cheese, Stillwater’s Gourmet Shop Will Close

Wedge & the Wheel is Going Out On Top

End of cheese days in Stillwater
Wedge & Wheel/Facebook

It’s a rare move when a business closes because of its success, but that is exactly what made Wedge & Wheel owner Chris Kohtz decide not to renew the lease. According to a Facebook post announcement today the shop’s page, the full service cheese shop that also had a dining area that served small cheese-centric snacks, cider and wine was running at capacity. It sold cheese boards, served the in-house snacks and sold already prepared cheese boards for people to take home or bring to events. Owner Kohtz pointed to the difficulty in maintaining staff and an inability to expand to keep up with demand as contributing factors in his decision to close the doors.

As of today, the dining portion of the store is finished. The cheese case will remain open until the product is gone, possibly by mid-week.

Dearest friends, The past year has been one of amazing growth for W&W. More classes and events, record sales, non-stop...

Posted by The Wedge & Wheel on Monday, August 6, 2018