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St. Paul’s Major Food Hall Opens Today, but We’ll Have to Wait on Its Anchor Restaurant

Keg & Case is ready, but In Bloom will take a bit more time

In Bloom from chef Thomas Boemer and Nick Rancone opens September 21
Erik Eastman/Corner Table

Last night Keg & Case, the new food hall on West 7th Street, welcomed a swarm of media and influencers in for a first look at the massive renovation inside the former Jacob Schmidt brewery, but one tenant was still working on putting all the final pieces into place. Corner Table and Revival’s co-owner Nick Rancone helped cut the ribbon (and curate the tenants) at what might be the most hotly anticipated food hall of the year, but his fine-dining restaurant, along with chef Thomas Boemer is still coming together. In Bloom, built around a 20 foot hearth, where all food will be prepared will open Friday September 21.

The third Revival will also open inside Keg & Case on the September 21. The smoked meat, fast casual restaurant is what Boemer described as, “the ultimate barbecue restaurant,” of his dreams. Emulating a backyard barbecue the restaurant will serve smoked whitefish, braunschweiger, sausages, ham, and apple handpies from the restaurant’s pie master, Lori Boemer. What it notably won’t serve is fried chicken. Fans will have to head to the St. Paul Selby Avenue or Minneapolis locations for that dish.

Revival Smoked Meats is ready to serve, alongside other tenants like Five Watt Coffee, Sweet Science Ice Cream, Clutch Brewing, another Rose Street Patisserie, and many more as the hall opens today at 10 am.

EDIT: A previous version of this story stated Revival Smoked Meats would open September 14. It will open Friday September 21.

Keg and Case

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