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Watch as One of Fall’s Most Anticipated Restaurants Rises From the Dust to Open Tonight

In Bloom will begin serving at 5 pm tonight

A first look inside the ready to open In Bloom
Brooks Davis PR [Twist Davis Group]

After nearly a year of anticipation In Bloom, the fine-dining restaurant inside Keg & Case will open tonight at 5 pm. The anchor tenant of the massive new food hall and retail space at the historic Jacob Schmidt Brewery is the work of the Twist Davis restaurant group. Led by Nick Rancone and chef Thomas Boemer, the group also owns Corner Table and all three of the Revivals.

The fine dining restaurant has amphitheater style seating, all around a massive 20 foot hearth which is where all of the food for the restaurant will be prepared. The restaurant has no stove or ovens to speak of: it’s all about that fire.

The restaurant had been expected to open when the food hall did, but construction delayed the project. On Friday September 21, the group’s third Revival, that specializes in barbecue opened on the other side of Keg & Case to long lines clamoring for pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and more.

In Bloom will serve food similar to what Boemer made his name cooking at Corner Table, elegant dishes from small, local farms and foraged foods. The restaurant also sports a full bar with cocktails, beer and the interesting wines Rancone is so good at discovering.

Watch the space come together from a total blank, concrete space to a beauty of a new dining room.

Keg & Case

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