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73 Year-Old Barbecue Restaurant Is Resurrected in Northeast

Market Bar-B-Que is once again open in Minneapolis

Market BBQ/Facebook

The neon-lit piggy is once again waving from the side of Market Bar-B-Que as the long-time Eat Street restaurant has re-located to the other side of downtown Minneapolis. The 73 year-old restaurant is now open at 220 Northeast Lowry after the last location was demo-ed for a new apartment building.

Making the move with the business were several of the historic pieces of the dining room and the pit where all the meats are smoked. It’s been a painstaking rebuild process, first carefully dismantling the building that was home to the restaurant for 33 years and rebuilding it from the ground up in the newly constructed building.

Market Bar-B-Que serves lunch until late nights, 1 am weekdays and 2 am Friday and Saturday night.