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Inside the North Loop’s Newest, Hottest, Hardest to Snag Reservation

Gavin Kaysen’s Demi opens February 15

Gavin Kaysen will open reservations the 1st week in February
Libby Anderson/Demi

Gavin Kaysen, the internationally renowned chef who relocated to his home state of Minnesota is about to embark on his third restaurant opening. Demi is a slip of a space located directly behind his original restaurant, Spoon and Stable in the North Loop. The tasting-menu only spot is hyper-focused on each diner’s experience with only 20 seats available.

Guests will walk into a cozy waiting area in stages. Reservations will be offered at intervals, saving Minnesotans from the dreaded “communal dining” experience. The dining room is a large three sided square of seating, with preparation and serving happening in the center and along the back wall. The intimate space will have 20 seats along the large bar. Leading Demi will be Spoon and Stable’s chef de cuisine Adam Ritter and general manager Tristan Pitre.

The two-time James Beard Award winning chef will offer two dining options, each with their own old-timey millionaire sounding names.

Guests will be greeted with a beverage in a small bar/lounge room
Demi [Official]

The Barrington dining experience will run 2 hours for $95 and the W.C. Whitney experience expands to 2 12 hours at $125. Both names are actually nods to the building. Kaysen revels in a building’s history and this spot, that was once a coffee roastery is no exception. Out front his brother fashioned the old coffee roasters into flower pots. An original piece of artwork is actually made of stamped circles from old invoice books, pinned into a concentric circle pattern. W. C. Whitney was an architect that designed many of the neighborhood’s buildings. Barrington Hall was the name of the coffee company.

Where the magic happens
Demi [Official]

The room was again designed by Linda Kaysen along with Shea Design, who also designed Bellecour and Spoon and Stable. This room was a bit of a departure from her usual pristine, light-filled rooms with warm touches. Dark walls and a wood frame the room, with a shimmering gray tile reflecting the low lights behind the stove.

The menus will be ever-changing, globally influenced, but locally sourced, according to Kaysen. Reservations can only be made through TOCK, and will open up the first week in February.

A dark dining room bar that’s filled with wood shelves with small porcelain serving implements.
A glimpse of the custom-made serving pieces


212 North 2nd Street, , MN 55401 (612) 404-1123 Visit Website