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The Decadent Dough-Scuits of West 7th Won’t Be Around Much Longer

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Mucci’s is discontinuing weekend doughnuts

Three very large, multi-layered doughnuts with different toppings
A weekend tradition is coming to an end

The multi-layered, deep-fried, decadent doughnuts and doughscuits (the love-child of biscuit and breakfast pastry) won’t be available at Mucci’s Italian for much longer. Yesterday the restaurant owned by Tim Niver and chef Chris Uhrich announced that the weekend morning service, a doughnut case packed with treats, would cease after Sunday January 27.

The doughnuts pre-date the three-year-old Italian eatery. At Niver’s previous restaurant, The Strip Club Meat & Fish, Uhrich world brunch service and built a reputation for the monsterous pastries doused in all matter of toppings from chocolate ganache to bacon to breakfast cereal.

In addition to the unusual weekend brunch service, the restaurant has build a reputation as a beloved part of the West 7th neighborhood, specializing in grandmotherly Italian dishes and outstanding service.

Mucci’s will continue to serve dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

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