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Minneapolis’ Grandest Dining Room Is Completely Unrecognizable as a New Steakhouse

P.S. Steak has claimed an iconic dining room as its own

The dark dining room with a crystal chandelier, giant booths, with red velvet upholstery Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

The new P.S. Steak has completely transformed the dining room inside the 510 Groveland building. What was once austere feels like an moneyed hunting lodge of the highest order. The dark, rich dining room has added a bar, taxidermy and a lot of mirrors to achieve an eccentric rich uncle kind of atmosphere. It’s beguiling and a bold choice.

When Jester Concepts took over the restaurant at 510 Groveland Avenue, it was faced with the daunting task of making its own stamp on a Twin Cities dining icon. For years the address was home to the pinnacle of fine dining, La Belle Vie. More recently it was the 510 Lounge. Now, the address is home to P.S. Steak under La Belle Vie’s longtime chef Mike DeCamp. This new restaurant manages to balance the old school elegance of the gilded building its in, with spaces for modern diners: dark corners and quiet acoustics.

The while and marble entrance of P. S. Steak
The grand entryway retains its old world glamour
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

Walking into the building, the marble steps and brass rails lead to a host stand. From there, it’s either into the more formal dining room or the lounge. Inside the lounge is the bar, overseen by Jesse Held, who runs all of the company’s bars and Jeff Rogers, a longtime beverage expert and educator.

The light and sunny ease of the lounge
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

The lounge has several seats that, for now, are available on a first come basis, but might be able to be reserved some time in the near future.

A long gray marble bar with many liquor bars stack behind it. There are mirrors on the wall and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
Subtle changes behind the bar in the Lounge
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

The less dramatic lounge makeover still feels posh, but is more approachable. The lounge menu has more casual dishes including nods to the previous tenant with the lamb burgers from La Belle Vie’s bar menu.

Lamb sliders
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

Cocktails are named for the icons of drink industry who once worked here: Pip Hanson, Jon Olson, and Adam Gorski each appear in cocktail form. (Olson now runs the bar at Esker Grove. Gorski is the beverage director for Young Joni).

The front bar and lounge, with a fireplace
Fireplace with seating for your winter drinking consideration
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

The dining room menu is available in the lounge, as well.

Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

It’s the back dining room that’s the remarkable makeover. What had been white, light and gauzy, is now dark, butch sexiness.

A dark bar lined with substantial chairs. Lucy Hawthorne

Studded bar seats, available by reservation, mark the entrance to the room with a newly build bar that feels like it’s been transported from another time and place: all elegance and supper club.

A dark bar lined with substantial chairs. Lucy Hawthorne

The booths are large, plush and with ample space for large groups of people.

The empty dining room at P.S. Steak Lucy Hawthorne

The menu leans heavily into large portions perfect for sharing in these seats. In addition to several steaks, there are also big, roasting things, like a whole roasted, stuffed game bird. Rich sides like silky potatoes that are as much cheese as spud. There’s an optional bordelaise sauce just to up the decadence.

The dark dining room with a crystal chandelier, giant booths, with red velvet upholstery
Dark walls, dim lights add to the romance of the room
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

The walls are covered with things and antique mirrors. Co-owner Brent Fredrick said that they were going for a Victorian feel with all of the hung antiques. His vision along with Shea Design created this gothic evocative mood.

Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities
Steak tartare
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

P.S. Steak

510 Groveland Avenue, , MN 55403 (612) 886-1620 Visit Website