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Revived St. Paul Eatery Gears Up for November Opening in Lowertown

Just/Us offered a peek into what’s planned for the new restaurant

A rootbeer flavored pork rib is just a tiny bite of what’s to come
Matt Gundrum/Eater Twin Cities

New American restaurant just/us nearing re-opening in Lowertown, several blocks away from their original downtown spot, which closed on April 20th due to leasing issues. The revitalized restaurant will be located in the former Golden Deli location at 275 4th Street East. The crew recently offered a public preview at St. Paul Brewing of what customers can expect from the new iteration.

“We don’t have a firm opening date,” said Nate Docken at the teaser event, one of the original owners, “but it’s going to be sometime in November.”

Diners can expect a broader and more varied menu. The old just/us was comprised of a set pre-fixe menu with a wide-ranging selection of burgers. The new offerings are much more international and versatile.

At the preview event pork ribs were treated with a root beer teriyaki marinade, grilled pineapple guacamole, and a savory pub style snack mix was also served.

Nate Docken is one of the founding members of just/us in St. Paul.
Matt Gundrum/Eater Twin Cities

In addition to the food, there are plans to establish the restaurant as what Docken calls a “community hub.” There will be a rudimentary cafe setup, replete with an espresso machine.

Root beer teriyaki ribs and pineapple guacamole were given out as samples to the public at a preview event.
Matt Gundrum/Eater Twin Cities

Additionally, the crew intend to become much more active in offering public events, which include movies on Thursdays, open mic on Tuesdays, and music on the weekends. To give these events a home, a stage as a part of their build-out.

Curious food fans were anxious to hear about the restaurant’s plans.
Matt Gundrum/Eater Twin Cities

“Getting everything set has been sporadic periods of running around with our heads cut off then long periods of waiting,” said Docken. But the tumultuous task of reviving just/us is nearing a conclusion. Stay tuned in November for a concrete opening date.


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