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Find the Best Bites Inside St. Paul’s Keg & Case Food Hall

A guide to West 7th’s food hall

The food hall inside the former Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul
| Keg & Case [Official]

Keg & Case Market in the West 7th neighborhood of St. Paul opened a year ago and since then has become a staple for nearby residents and a tourist draw. It’s a treasure trove of goodies with fresh doughnuts, inventive cotton candy, a brewery, butcher counter, barbecue, and more. Here’s everything needed to plan the perfect visit:

Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

Bogart’s Doughnut Company was an immediate Minneapolis sensation. First as a farmers market stand and then a South Minneapolis shop that continually sold out of its signature vanilla-bean-flecked, frosted doughnuts. This is the first outpost across the river, but the quality of the fresh dough is every bit as high as the original. The stand has a limited selection of cake and yeasted doughnuts.

Clutch Brewing Co.

This brewery takes up the entire second level of Keg and Case, and is a great place to lounge while taking in the hum of activity below.

Five Watt Coffee

Five Watt is the first to open at the market in the morning and a fantastic place to hit either before digging into all the good food, or after a big meal. Known for coffee cocktails, there’s a 90s-inspired one that comes with a Tootsie Roll.

Forest to Fork

This is one of the more impressive vendor stalls, with a spectacular display of mushrooms growing inside a huge case facing the parking lot entrance. Forest to Fork specializes in mushroom cultivation, which is all done in the building’s beautifully constructed vertical columns. It’s fascinating to see all these gorgeous mushroom varieties growing in such a controlled space.

House of Halva

Halva isn’t always readily available in this part of the Midwest. It’s an ancient confectionary treat originating from the Middle East. This light, airy sweet is primarily tahini-based with a nutty flavor that’s offered in several varieties. It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s gluten-free and dairy-free.

In Bloom

Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

In Bloom is the anchor restaurant for Keg & Case. This masterful creation of Thomas Boemer and Nick Rancone, the minds behind Revival and Corner Table, is its own little universe within the food hall. The intimate setting and the open fire pit are ideal for a date. Its phenomenal bar program serves some of the best drinks in the city. Slide in for a serious burger and fun cocktails.


Find all types of cured meats and sausage at this butcher shop stand. The meat sticks are built for road tripping and braunschweiger classes up any charcuterie board. The counter also sells affordable sandwiches, with some built on Patisserie 46’s baguette.

Bread and Boba

Right across from the meat stand is a sanwich spot with several banh mi options and a host of bubble tea flavors.


A grilled cheese stuffed with mac and cheese
Dedicated to the ooey glory of cheese

Built for comfort and winter’s roomy sweaters, this corner spot serves all manner of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen is one of the newer stalls inside Keg & Case, but the restaurant has been a part of the Twin Cities restaurant scene for several years now. It’s known for bowls of jerk chicken, sweet plantains, coconut rice, and a slew of sauces that range from Minnesota Nice to seriously spicy.

Revival Smoked Meats

This restaurant smokes on site and serves brisket, pork shoulder, grits, grits, and mac and cheese to a constant stream of diners. Grab a bourbon-spiked tea or a cold custom-brewed beer to pair with the giant meat tray. Grab a bottle sweet potato hot sauce for a taste of that Southern heat to take home.

Rose Street Patisserie

Rose Street Patisserie is one of the best known bakeries in the Twin Cities, from world-renowned bread-maker John Kraus. This stand mostly sells jewel-like chocolates. It’s an ideal stop for a bite to take home, or a host gift. A new cafe selling a wider selection of baked goods just opened across the Schmidt Brewery complex, inside the Rathskeller.

Spinning Wylde

Spinning Wylde/Facebook

This spot is a huge draw for little kids and Instagrammers, but there’s no arguing with the delight of taking down a puff of cotton candy, topped with sprinkles and a jaunty little paper bowtie. Choose from all kinds of different flavors from grown up strawberry margarita or Potter-fan loving butter beer. There’s even a dill pickle flavor that is exactly what it sounds like.

Sweet Science Ice Cream

A hand holds a cone in front of a white wall covered with white ice cream scoops
So many inventive flavors, made even better by science! This ice cream is creamier than most.
Sweet Science [Website]

If anything, this is magic, not science. Inventive flavors in ultra-rich, cold cream, it’s a great way to conclude a day at Keg & Case.

Keg & Case

928 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102 Visit Website

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